Señores clientes les informamos que el Grupo Norgraft ha sido adquirido recientemente por la multinacional Graphic Packaging International
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ProcessesThe way we work, step by step


Our Prepress process guarantees a faithful reproduction of the image of your product thanks to our technology and equipment, as well as the quality procedures applicable to the design.

Structural Design

Structural Design is a key piece in our process.
We collaborate with our customers in design optimization. From the Structural Design Department we provide our knowledge and experience in packaging processes to ensure the best “machinability” of the boxes.


In Norgraft we have advanced printing systems which provide us with a perfect printout, with maximum quality, bright, colour and finishes full of shades.

Die cut

The characteristics of our die cut process are the Speed, Quality and Promptness.
With a non-stop system in the entry and exit points.

Folding – Gluing

In NORGRAFT we have a folding and gluing machine which reaches speeds of up to 200.000 units per hour with automatic collectors of boxes ready for its final packaging.

Retractable packaging

In Norgraft we have the most advanced machinery for retractable packaging which provides excellent results.

Our packages are fixed to pallet ensuring an optimal protection against contamination and robbery.


The Logistics Management System that we have in Norgraft allows us to generate an immediate reaction to the customers needs, that is why we adapt to them and always provide a quick response.
The controlling warehouse of raw material supervised by radiofrequency allows us to guarantee the supply, even in unforeseen situations. In Norgraft we have the capacity to store important stocks of boxes for the customers who require them.

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Food Security